After seeing a floating plastic dildo off the coast of Djibouti the esteemed founders of Plastic Age, Eros ‘Plastic’ Vlahos & Remy ‘Age’ Haggard, decided enough was enough. If the U.N. weren’t going to deploy a team of underwater aqua-marines to hoover up ocean garbage they’d have to tackle the problem themselves, with fashion. 

Thus, Plastic Age was born. A 100% recycled clothing & lifestyle brand (soon to be publicly traded international conglomerate) our mission is simple: turn trash into treasure. We believe every piece of discarded shit deserves a second chance at love, especially Eros. So we take garbage, mostly ocean plastic but we’re not fussy, and turn it into garments along with heaps of recycled cotton. All our clothes are hand printed in London with non-toxic ink. We try to keep our impact as low as possible, so packaging is minimal and recycled. Eventually we hope to have Remy deliver all garments on foot, but for now we’ll settle for royal mail. 

10% of our profits go to Ocean cleanup charities & all details about them can be found in THE MISSION section, the remaining proceeds go towards covertly funding vegan militant groups. 

Ultimately, we want to show that high-quality products can be made from recycled, sustainable & biodegradable materials, in the hope that other brands follow our lead.

Every single piece of Plastic ever produced is still around today, we have more than enough to go around. In fact, we have too much. The world is full. It’s time to start re-using what we already have. It’s time to end the Plastic Age.

Additional info:

All our collections are extremely limited as overproduction is a huge issue in fashion and we want no part of it, so if you miss out you only have yourself to blame for not being capitalist enough. 

All Plastic Age staff are vegan and even looking directly at a cow is a sackable offence. 

We currently ship to a number of international destinations. If your country is not included when you check out, you can ask REALLY nicely we’ll see what we can do.

SIZE GUIDE available on our THE MISSION page.

If you have any other questions or would like to join a vegan militia, feel free to contact Mr.Information (